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Camp Jabulani .Hoedspruit South Africa.

Camp Jabulani.


Lente Roode with one of the endangered cheetahs at the Hoedspruit Center in South Africa.

Adine and Lente Roode.

 Lente Roode and her daughter Adine manages and operate Camp Jabulani at the Kampala Game Reserve in South Africa.They also diversified their portfolio to include the Hoedspruit  Center for Endangered species The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center is one of the leading private research and breeding facilities in the South Africa.. The center developed from a cheetah breeding project established by Lente Roode in the late 1980s to a world-renowned research and breeding establishment for various endangered species.
Great care is taken to ensure suitable breeding environments for the animals and cheetah, king cheetah, wild dog, black-footed cat and African wild cat have been bred successfully. The center aims to make an important contribution to the conservation of Africa's endangered wildlife and also offers educational programs for school children and a three-week conservation course for students.The center provides sanctuary to numerous orphaned, abandoned and sick animals. including Rhinos. Internationally renowned, it is often approached by animal rights organizations to assist in the rescuing and evacuation of animals in need.The center operates as a non-profit organization and relies on donations and sponsorship to maintain the various programs.

Allen and Heidi Roberts.

Our company TOSCA NEW YORK supports the non profit organization started by Allen and Heidi Roberts here in New York to assist Lente Roode in her endeavor to help the endangered species of the world. I was very graciously invited to visited the center and Camp Jabulani in January of 2016.

The beautifully decorated visitor Center at Camp Jabulani. Chairs covered in Zebra skin and thatched roofs with animal skin rugs on the floors ,make these interior truly African.. Bead-work done by the local population are used in a very original way.The elephant theme is seen in almost every detail.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the very comfortable dining room or could be enjoyed on the terrace.The food was outstanding - African, as well as international dishes were served by the very competent chef and staff. The service was very personable and friendly, and every whim was catered to.Our chef came to the table to explained the menu and if it was a unknown African dish, he explained it so that one could make an informed decision.It was sometimes difficult to remember that we were in the middle of Africa

Luxurious chalets at  Camp Jabulani.

Bed with mosquito net- and an outside shower at the back.

 View from the bed over the deck and pool -and into the dry river bed.
South Africa was going through a bad drought at the time, so the river was dry.

 Interior of the  luxury chalet with a writing desk and comfortable day beds on the deck outside.

At the Hoedspruit Center for Endangered Species one can see the animals taken being care of .
Baby rhinos who were found with their murdered mothers -killed for their horns- are taken care of here and the new "mother" is a sheep.

Lente and staff with a cheetah at the Hoedspruit Center.

 The Kampala Game Reserve is one of the largest private game camps  in South Africa.
Here one can see the big five ;- elephant, lion. buffalo  leopard and the endangered rhino. 
Other animals that one can view in their natural habitat are giraffes, hippos ,zebras, wildebeests, groundhogs, impala, water-buck, kudu  and several other buck species.Their  herd of buffalo must be close to 50.

Lente  Roode and her family rescued  14 elephants from  Zimbabwe and brought them ,with their care takers to the Kampala Reserve. Here they are taken care of and once a day visitors can take a ride on elephant back to view the bush.It is a great experience to view that other animals from  this advantage point at sunset.

Sebakwe has become a very famous elephant, especially in South Africa. He has been the subject in several documentaries for Amarula -a world renowned South African company selling the local cream liqueur made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree, and is in fact the elephant incorporated in their branding, occupying pride of place on the front of the Amarula bottle.

Here Wally and I are riding on Sebakwe the biggest elephant of the tribe.

The most amazing thing about being in the South African bush -and surrounded by nature -is that all the stress leaves the body immediately .To see the animals as nature meant them to be is amazing. It is a cruel life where the stronger feed on the weak and nature takes its course. When the rain stays away the weaker of the species die -survival of the fittest- as we know it from out own human lives.
It is a rule of nature.Some animals get killed for other to survive. Sometimes is is not easy to watch a lion kill a beautiful Impala but the lioness has to feed her cubs, or else they will die.
 What makes the Jabulani experience so unique is that one experiences the African bush but at the camp  you are surround by all the luxuries of modern life.Air conditioning, great food, internet connection and soft beds with luxurious bedding.
The great work that Lente Roode doing at the Hoedspruit Center for Endangered Species is unique and she must be recommend for this.

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