Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Twenty First Birthday Celebration.

The Heeren XV11.
 The Heeren XVII (Lords Seventeen) of the Dutch East India Company were the rulers of the settlement at the Cape of Good Hope.Later Governor's took over but they still had a lot of power.
The exclusive club in Cape Town  was named after them.The club was located on Greenmarket Square and its members were the cream of Cape Town Afrikaners.

Greenmarket Square.

One of the gentlemen singing in the church choir with us was the manager of the HEEREN XVIII the Social Club in Cape Town. Ferdie was a member of this club as well. When I  decided to have a 21ste birthday celebration, Ferdie suggested we talk to the manger of the club and see if they could arrange  a dinner party for me there.With their help we arranged a great dinner and dance party that I could afford.Thinking back I am sure Ferdie paid for most of it .We had a wonderful time.Here are some of the photographs of that night.

Elsa and Henry.

Andre Anne + Henry

Brahm + Annetjie.

Dalene, Cousin Andre, Lettie + Ernst.

Hetna, Stephrie, Carol, Pottie  + Elsa.

Anne, Henry, Dalene + Cousin Andre.

Elsa, Ferdie, ? Marita  + Nic.

After having a great dinner and some dancing we decided to visit a night club downtown "Les Catacombs". Cape Town is  a international harbor town so the  night clubs were rather rough, but Ferdie said it should be fine. When we arrived we saw a stripper perform with four tussles. She had one tussle on each breast and one on each buttock.She did a strip tease and when she took off her g string, she rubbed it under Andre's nose...Anne almost had a heart attack- it was so funny!
 It was an eye opener for most of us who lead quite sheltered lives! All part of growing up!

Les Catecombs nightclub  circa 1967

"Les Catacombs"

Situated in lower Bree Street the Catacombs was one of Cape Town's more dodgy nightclubs.


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