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4th of July Fireworks.
Gerhard + Henry. New York 1984.

Gerhard and I were both living in New York now and having two  apartment in the city-  friends started  arriving  from South Africa . It was almost like the old days at home .Dinner parties with  the same friends with American friend thrown into the mix. Gerhard had more space so the entertaining was done at his place. Winifred and Paddy came and stayed with Gerhard while Colin and Dawid came and stayed with me. They arrived in time for the 4th of July and the fireworks. We all walked down to the Wall Street area to watch the magnificent display. It felt so good to have some of my friends around that I missed when I left South Africa..

Balducci's .

We went to Balducci's in the Village near me and Colin spend a fortune there and prepared some great meals for us. We also had some wonderful picnics in Central park as well as go to  opera performances in the park. The Metropolitan Opera was closed as it was summer.

Paddy, Gerhard and Winnie.

Me and Gerhard in his NY apartment .

Paddy and me in Gerhard's NY apartment .

Picnic in Central Park with Gerhard, Winifred and Paddy 1984.

One of the first visitors was my friend Gloria who came to stay with me when she visited her daughter Jennifer in Los Angeles.People flocked to her, so with Gloria around ,the apartment was always full of people.

Gloria and Salome.

Alayne, Gloria, and Salome.

Alayne 2014.

Alayne Reesberg was working for the Untied Nations at this time. After her career in politics she went to Seattle  and worked for Bill Gates-  until he retired and decide to use his time for charity work. She is a real go getter and I admire her for what she has done with her life.

My parents, with my brother Zackie and his wife Dorothea, decided to come for a visit as well. I was looking forward to showing them New York. My parents stayed with me .Salome very kindly offered an empty apartment in the house, so Zackie and his wife stayed there.
We visited  all the tourist sites in New York City. We took the boat around Manhattan. Visited all the museums and even saw Sophia Loren walk in the Columbus Day Parade.

Subway graffiti.

My parents were not that excited about New York City. They were disturbed by the drugs, crime and dirt. Time Square was full of drug dealers and prostitutes. One day we were sitting in a subway car covered in graffiti from floor ceiling .Looking out onto the platform that was also covered in graffiti my father  turned to me and asked. "What are you doing here- why do you want to live here?"  New York during the 1980's was dirty ,crime ridden and sleazy.
I sometimes asked myself that  question.......

Metropolitan Museum. Zackie, his wife Dorie and my parents.

Central Park.

Metropolitan Opera.

My parents photographed in my apartment.

My Father and brother Zackie working on the camera.

Amtrak to Washington DC.

Robert and Sylvia.
We took the train to Washington DC . Sylvia ,a friend of Robert , that I also met, came to welcome us at the hotel. It was very kind of her and my parents really appreciated it that she took the time to come and meet them. This was more what Americans were like -- not like all those wild people on the streets of New York! After spending a few days visiting all the attractions in DC we rented a car and drove to Williamsburg. I wanted my parents to see that New York was not really America. They were very impressed with Washington DC and Williamsburg.
 Colonial Williamsburg is the private foundation representing the historic district of the city of Williamsburg Virginia USA.  The district includes buildings dating from 1699 to 1780 which made up colonial Virginia's capital.

Colonial Williamsburg.

 My Dutch friend Kim Manhave was also in New York that time for business .My mother cooked dinner one night and Kim  joined us.

 Dr. Kim Manhave.

Erwin and Susan Sterne were in New York the same time as well. Erwin took us  out for brunch one afternoon and then we all went to Gerhard for tea. Salome joined us as well.
 I was sad to see my parents go and I did not know when I would be able to go to South Africa as my green card was still being processed. On the day they left ,Kim very kindly called and invited me to dinner at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. I will always remember his thoughtful  gesture.

The Oyster Bar .Grand Central Station.

Soon after Bob Learmonth also came from  Italy for a visit. I always enjoyed having him around with his great sense of humor .He stayed with some Americans who used to live in his house in London .Bob is a great intellectual and very stimulating company.

Bob Learmonth and me at the Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan.

Another visitor was my friend Cornelia. She took over my apartment with underwear drying all over the place. I took this photo of her on my staircase.

Salome and Robert.

Robert and Cornelia.

Although we were having a lot of fun I had to concentrate on work as well, and it was not all play. Rosella was a tough boss and I had to be on my toes. The economy was not great so I had to work extra hard as my green card depended on her sponsorship.

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